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Is CBD A Medical Phenomenon?

Given the apparent explosion of conversation and the presence of debate spread across the internet discerning Cannabidiol (CBD) - including using CBD for health and wellness purposes and its legality - anyone would be forgiven in thinking that it is a new phenomenon.

Although marginalized in modern history, records of Cannabis use for medicinal purposes stretch back as far as 2737 BC as part of the worlds first pharmacological documentation in ancient China. One of the main drivers for restrictions on Cannabis – illegal and Class A ranked drug in the UK since 1928 - is the psychoactive compound of THC which provides the ‘high’ experience. However, latest science is currently championing CBD, another of the many compounds of the cannabis plant, as a possible medicinal product due to recent research showing its influence across a range of medical topics without the psychoactive effects.

With so many new products available of varying implementation, ingredients and strength, it is thought that for the most reliable and consistent dosage, a CBD oil with dropper may be the best option for self-administering CBD. These oils are created through the extraction of CBD from the cannabis or hemp plant and mixed with a carrier substance, most commonly coconut or hemp seed oil. The mix influences the strength of the product you are buying, with products available from anywhere between 2-20% inducing varying health benefits from pain alleviation to anxiety relief. The field of research on the potential benefits of CBD is very young, but we thought it useful to talk through the most popular themes before you head out to the shops.

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